Dear Lucile:

Here's a kiss; put it on one of your cheeks.

Here's another for the other cheek!

I was delighted to find your letter here on our return from a 6 day visit in Columbia! (During the visit I was in bed with the flu for 5 days!! I'm all right now, and ready to proceed with my writing when I'm through with Stuhr Museum, 800 Rubles, and several engagements.

I'm glad for the Progress Report! I do hope you finish your book before I finish mine. It's very important to me, since my eyes ain't good.

I am on my way to my heavenly home, where I intend to sit on the right hand and collect my rewards for a lovely life!

The thing I'm doing seems to "knock 'em cold" — all them as has read it thus far! They cry softly, they suffer belly-laughs and chuckles as they read! And, really, I don't try to be either funny or sad. I've just arrived at a place where the funny and the sad have a heluva good time together, and I can tell it all simply and humanly. Sometimes I catch myself belly-laughing, and my doggie, at such times comes to me, eager to know what the hell!!


Lucile, I'm so deeply sorry about your Father! What a fight he has been having, and no chance to win in this world! Bless his soul! I do hope this saying may have vital meaning.

How I do hope my heart will let go at a decent time, & let me get to hell out of here before when it's time! (I am not sad! I think it's funny and glorious and grand!)

Lucile, the collection in the Western MSS in Columbia is very impressive. We examined some of it while in Columbia. My God, as the preachers say, it was

Yes, work out your damned couplet statment. Just so you [swat?] them boys who say I write couplets!
quite magn magnificent the way they are processing all the letters and MS. Beautiful! And they are actually card-indexing all the contents of the letters & MS!! This is about too much to believe. It's a huge task.

Lucile, do please send as much stuff of mine (and yours if you care to do so) to the Neihardt Collection. It will be one of the fine collections in the country. Ex-Pres. Ellis said it is one of the most important in the U. o the University arch archives — and will be increasingly important. (Syracuse University is building a comprehensive Neihardt Ne collection too.

Love always

John the Gak.
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LINCOLN [?] 1968 NEBR.



Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave. East, Eugene, Oregon. 97403