Dear Lucile:

I am wondering and wondering how things are with you and your father and the MS.

Everything goes well here. So much has happened — and is happening. I gave a program at the Phi Beta Kappa annual banquet here on Wed. evening. The dining room was packed with alumni, students, and faculty — a distinguish distinguished audience. They I recited from memory for an hour, and at the end they stood up with a surge and gave me a rousing "standing ovation." I tell you that so that you may feel how it continues to happen to the old man. Stuhr Museum at Grand Island produced my "800 Rubles," and I have 3/4 hour from memory, as the drama takes only 1/2 hour. It was a smash smash — really.

We receive letters from all over the country, scattered here & there from coast to coast — such fan letters. I wonder why this increased interest. Your book is so greatly needed. Do you think you can finish it before long.

My story develops beautifully. How the two books will supplement each other!

I'll have a second eye operation in January. At present I have trouble doing necessary things. I'll do better with two eyes.

Love to you, dear Lady — and kindest thoughts for distribution where desired.

My little dog is a problem. He can't live without me, and we can't always take him with us. People love him, but there are some limitations

John Neihardt
P. S.

The 1-hr. TV program entitled Neihardt: A Journey Home, will be run on my birthday. The Director is lyrical in praise of it. He says he is "proud" of it.

My Creative Writing TV program pleased people over the state.

The Director here said he may be able to get my 1-hr program on a national hook-up


P. S.

I've done a Xmas TV show (1/2 hr) and one for Xmas too.

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