Dear Lucile:

The MS was read aloud to me again last evening. I wanted to enjoy it again and also to make sure I marked the few minor errors. They were marked by the Youngs, but I dictated all of them.

We three were delighted with the reading! Lucile, it's a heluva good job of writing, critical analysis, appreciation of values. If your whole book is near this level on the average — and I think it is better than that, — then you've got an "awful" good book. It is so greatly needed. Something has broken loose in the last year and the "something" is increasing steadily. It seems to be wide-spread, and the general attitude is much like what grows up when a man is dead, but whose work is being revived. It's very much in evidence locally too — but our correspondence shows how wide-spread it is. We are having a tough time keeping up with letters!

I'm too busy. Getting up [an a?] 1-hour TV show about me & Bancroft, and at the same time, doing a half-hour show on creative writing. Then I have reading engagements etc. — and visitors.

It's a fortunate thing that I'm here. Such help and care and all that helps one me do my work!

Love to you, dear Lady!

Fine time at Bison, S. D. [They?] brought all the school kids in by bus! It was thrilling, and they came across!


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