Dr. Slade Kendrick 225 Willard Way Ithaca, New York
Dear Slade,

Although I have not been corresponding directly with you, I have kept in touch through my friend, Mrs. Young. I am sure she has been telling you all of my news. You know of course that I have had my second eye operation for cataracts. Yesterday I had my new eyes tested for lenses and within a little more than a week I shall be looking through two eyes at a world that is sometimes too funny for one eye. As I have been recuperating, I have continued to work on my book, "The Old Man Remembers." I now have forty thousand words, which could be about half of the book I have in mind; and I expect to finish during this year. It is not possible to write a complete autobiography, and what I am doing is certainly not of a strict biographical nature in the ordinary meaning of that term. I am now about fifteen years old, but I am getting older fast and will soon be concerned with adult doings. Up to now I have been working on boyhood and youth, and I have found it actually entertaining. I often catch myself laughing heartily over my own life.

Are you going to be in Missouri again this spring or summer? I expect to be in Missouri during April, and would it be bully if you were around about that time.

How is Nita? I often think of her too and hope she is well, still watching her birds. She and Mrs. Young would be good pals in the bird business.

My little dog is trying to get me to do something different and Ican't ​ tell what it is. You know him I think——my poodle? He is one of the best friends I have ever had and takes care of me day and night.

We have had ten solid weeks of winter, but yesterday and today there has been some melting.

I still love you, Slade.

Your friend,

John Neiha[dt?]