5835 Vine Street Lincoln, Nebraska 68505
Dear Hilda,

I have been thinking that we should make an effort to interest some movie agent in my When the Tree Flowered. As you know, it is ideal movie material, especially now that Indians are popular. It offers a complete Sioux story from boyhood and girlhood to maturity, and certainly it is romantic. It's a queer thing that no one has known of its value.

I heard from John Maddon by phone this evening. He insists that I must let him know whnever I want to go any place, and there will be plane for me. I am considering taking up his offer for a flight to Eugene, Oregon, as I need desperately to have a talk with Lucile Aley ​. John says he could get me there in an hour and forty-five minutes.from Lincoln. John and I have agreed to make the trip to Columbia in late May when Erica is married. I am to "give her away."

Do you have any way of learning the names of reputable movie agents? Do you think it might be all right to ask DeWitt too ​ help us in this, at the same time suggesting that he himself might be interested in When the Tree Flowered?

I have just completed the first half of The Old Man Remembers —— forty thousand words. I now see it, however, as a complete little book of about two hundred pages on my boyhood and early youth. It really is a complete thing and I judge from its effect on those who have heard it or read it that it does have quite a wallop. I am even thinking it might be well to offer it to a publisher. The Nebraska University Press of course will take it in a hurry, and I judge from the recent sucess of my books that I might have some bargaining power if they were given the book. I think it's pretty smart to consider the complete though shorter book. What do you think?

I think of you and all your children very often and with great love. They are all so utterly fine and worthwhile. And so are you, Hiddy.

I feel a little sad when I think of Alice losing both her girls and her grandson.

I am looking forward to the time when I can see you again. —— about the eighteenth of April maybe?