5835 Vine Street Lincoln, Nebraska 68505 Professor Sanford D. Gray University of South Dakota Vermillion, South Dakota 57069
Dear Sandy,

I have just been hearing your letters of last May and July read aloud to me and they have made me happy. Of late I have been wondering if I had misplaced you somewhere, as I am always doing with my glasses; but you seem to be as there as ever, and I am wishing mightily that I might see you like old times.

Since writing you last I have had the second cataract operation, and it seems that both are reasonably successful. I shall have two eyes to use instead of one.

I have been working rather steadily on my "autobiography" in spite of the eye troubles, and I have now forty thousand words, which is about half of the projected work. What I have done so far is really complete in itself, being concerned with my boyhood and early youth. I have half a notion to offer this for publication now and go ahead with another section. There is so much to do even when I limit the material as much as possible that it could not be put in one volume.

Sandy, I am always hearing from this person and that person about the lack of records of my stuff. I am wondering if there cannot be some arrangement made whereby the records you have already made may be obtainable. At the same time I should think it might be possible to make records from some of the tapes we made when I was up there last. I do think they would sell reasonably well, Sandy. I suppose the initial cost is what spoils the deal, and I am sure there would be some way to manage that. What do you think about trying to get these things out?

There was a feeling in your letters that made me glad. You are undoubtedly in a creative stage of your life, and you are going far with it. I wish you could include some records in your scheme of things.

This carries affectionate thoughts for your lady and the children, as well as for you.

Your friend,

John G. Neihardt