Your letter came yesterday.
Dear Dr. Kendrick:

I am writing for Dr. Neihardt in his hospital room. He had the second cataract eye operation Janu. 10th. (First April '68) and is doing exceptionally well. His physician said (despite 3 bouts with flu his fall) he was in far better condition than he was for the April operation.

Some very nice things have been happening to him — yes, this was his 88th birthday — and a glorious one it was — long distance calls, cards, letters, flowers etc topped by a Legislative (Nebr) resolution of congratulation sent by special messenger to our house —

The following day he entered the hospital preparitory to the eye surgery —

Yes, he took full notice of the John Quincy Adams story you sent — It is difficult for him to answer in full but will refer to it when he can write again to you.

Mr. Young & I are taking good care of your dear friend —


Mrs J. D. Young