Dr. Frank P. Piskor, Vice President Administration Building Syracuse University Syracuse, New York 13210
Dear Dr. Piskor:

I really am not ashamed of myself, but I am sorry that I must seem to be less than kind. I should have written you sooner, but there have been many distractions, which I need not enumerate.

What matters is that I am returning your xeroxed copy of the pre-publication Bundle of Myrrh, together with a new xeroxed copy of my 1952 autographed comments on the little book. I suggest that the old xeroxed pages of my autographed remarks be discarded and the new xeroxed pages be inserted when you re-bind the book. These new xeroxed pages should not be crowded together but should have separate pages, so that the text will not be damaged by trimming in the new binding.

I am including a separate page with my presentation inscription.

If you think of something more or something different I should do, please let me know, and I shall be glad to do anything you want me to do. What you are doing there means more to me than I can say.

Incidentally, have you had any correspondence with the Education Television Department of the University of Missouri regarding my Twilight of the Sioux?

With warm regards,
Your friend,

John G. Neihardt
P. S.

I have completed the Boyhood section of my autobiography.