First letter
Dear Lucile:

It's here!

And Florence Boring is reading it to me!

It's a holding story, and if it's all as good as we've read, it will be quite a whale!!

Today we'll be in the second chapter, and I write this while waiting for Florence to arrive at 10 o'clock.

There will be a few minor errors to correct in what we've read. The writing is excellent — your best.

I might like a possible change or two in your treatment of The Divine Ench Enchantment, but I would not insist. We'll talk about this, no doubt.

Here is a strange "coincidence." By the same mail that brought your completed MS I received a letter from an old fan whom I did not know. She heard me first 45 years ago & says she has heard me often since. She is apparently a professor in the University at Omaha. — And she suggested writing my biography!! She has done ten books & Scribner is now bringing out the eleventh. It's on Willa Cather.

So often I run into such "coincidences". I think you know my "pattern" theory theory—?

I'll push ahead with my Old Man Remembers. Naturally, it deals with the same life you write about. But it's different. The first section (on Boyhood) is complete and can be published by itself — but you come first.

There may be good news soon.

Have you chosen any publisher as desirable and possible

Love as always

John N

At the Hastings reading where the Omaha fan heard me, a lady came up to me and said; "I've loved you for 45 years!" So I kissed her; but she is quite old, and so am I!