UPLI World Congress of Poets Poetry Contests c/o Tambuli Philippines, Inc. Manila Hotel Manila, Philippines

I am entering the poetry contest of UPLI, and I am inclosing ​ herewith the registration form and a bank draft for the registration fee of $75.00 At the same time I am sending by airmail two of my published volumes of verse, A Cycle of the West and Lyric and Dramatic Poems. I am also inclosingenclosing the biographical data in the form of a reprint from Who's Who in America and the lists of honors and publications, with the two photographs you require of each contestant.

I wish I could be with you at the World Congress of Poets, but, owing to previous commitments, it is impossible. I regret this more than I can say. I treasure so much the honor bestowed upon me by the UPLI in naming me Prairie Poet Laureate of America, along with the citation from President Marcos.

With all kind thoughts.
Sincerely yours,

John G. Neihardt