Dear Lucile:

If you have occasion to write me during the next two weeks, please address me at Skyrim, Route 7 Columbia. Mrs. Boring and I are driving down this coming Wednesday (7-23-'69) and will be busy thereabouts until Gail's wedding on August 2nd. I'll be there for the reception in the evening, and must manage to be in Bancroft for Neihardt Day on Aug. 3rd. This means I must ride all night after the reception — which I'll do.

I do hope you are able to make progress with the Book, but it's a bad time to work — Still, I hope.

Your remarks about my two dramatic poems occur to m me, and I suggest that you regard them not as plays for the theater, but as dramatic poems, in keeping with the book's title.

The song in 800 Rubles is very effective when sung well — but why argue this point when what we are considering is dramatic poetry?

I do hope you are dealing with the objectionable passages in harmony [with?] Ollie's letter. Of course he's right. Please don't be as the statesmen who "agree in principle," but disagree in everything else!!

I've just heard about Senator Ed. Kennedy,

Some of my best poetry is in [?] .
It reminds me of a Greek play, this apparent pursuit of the Kennedy sons by a tragic Fate. Pitiful; but could there be one of my "Patterns" at work?

I hope you are just as mad at me as I am at you — in which case we still love each other like the old friends we we are!

Everybody is getting married or dying!! Alice is all alone in Skyrim — with her horses, of course.

Same old affection —

— John N.
Did I tell you of my Brookings affairs last week? Standing ovation [?]


Dr. Lucile Aly 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene, Oregon. 97403