Dear Lucile:

It has been a long, long while, but I still feel confident that I'll hear from you again one of these hot summer days. I know you have been doing a number of things under high pressure. I too have been doing and doing. We have had two fine big weddings — Erica and Gail. (No funerals thank God! But saying goodbye can be almost the same.) I know you have had, or will have, a big wedding too. I have had no news of it for a long while. Our youngsters seem to have married fine young men.

Erica was married in the Sioux Prayer Garden at Skyrim. The affair was very beautiful. Gail married a lieutenant. The affair was in the Columbia Lutheran Church, and Hilda made it memorable. The reception held on into the small hours with everybody happy as kings are said to be. The Lutheran wedding was on Aug. 2nd, and I had to be in Bancroft for Neihardt Day (450 miles) on Aug. 3. Rode all night!

The Bancroft affair was lovely, & everyone seemed full of joy. It's remarkable how happy people seem to be at these affairs. We wished for you.

What is wrong? Where is the final chap chapter? How are you feeling?

So many things keep on happening, and the Neb. Press books have been selling very well — The sales gain and gain with no planned publicity. We do get a lot of newspaper attention, however.

Write me, Lucile.

And how we do need that biography!! There is really great need, and people ask and ask.

I do love you in the old way. Do let me hear from you.


John Neihardt

My best thoughts for Bower and Stewart.


The Boyhood section of my autobiography is finished. I'll need at least a year more to complete the book.

Air Mail



Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene Oregon.