Dear Mr. Braithwaite: —

I have just received a telegram from Mrs. Ralph Waldo Trine, who is now in Los Gatos, California, stating that she is going to Los Angeles soon to see the movie people down there, and that she wants to push "Glass" and the "Friends". She gives the impression that her chances for success are very good. I have told her of my agreement with you, and I am wondering what arrangement you and I could make in the event of her being able to interest the Los Angeles people in the narratives.

I have been hoping to hear from you regarding the outlook down there, and I judge that, thus far, you have had nothing definite to report. If Mrs. Trine should be able to close a deal, would you not be willing to accept a somewhat smaller percentage than that named in my agreement with you? Of course, if you are able to close a deal, I would pay the 15% as agreed upon.

I do not overlook the fact that I have given you exclusive rights for a year; but I have thought that some further agreement might be made in case you see no chance just now down East.


Jno. G. Neihardt