Dear Mr. Mott: —

I was very glad to receive your letter of yesterday, and was surprised to learn that you wrote me from McGregor, Iowa. This is the first letter I have received from you since you were here. During the past month two other letters addressed to me (both containing drafts) have been lost, and I fear that at least one other letter has gone astray.

It's the best of news that you will write two articles about my work. The more the better: and especially when the work is done by a man of real understanding. I feel quite safe in your hands, Mott.

The prospect for the success of the epic cycle is surprisingly good and grows better steadily.

"The Song of the Indian Wars" is going on in a most satisfactory way, and I count it a great privilege to have so tremendous a theme to handle. Four hundred twenty five lines in four months! Two glorious years of work left! It's fine to be alive, have a big job to do, and know how to do it.

Be sure that I am deeply grateful for your friendship and cooperation.

Always yours,

Jno G. Neihardt

My people were glad to be remembered and all send kindest regards.

I feel sure that you will have little difficulty in finding a place for the second article. Am eager to see both. The four Macmillan books (poetry) are all going into new editions.