Dear Mr. Mott: —

I have lately been receiving a number of requests for readings in several of the Middle Western states, and a group in South Dakota is planning a tour of that state for me. I am wondering if it wouldn't be well to find out whether or not your Iowa Press and Authors Club will want me, and, if they want me, when. I do not mean to push the matter, but I would not like to miss a chance to get acquainted with your crowd.

William B. Feakins Inc. of New York has recently made me a proposition for the eastern tour; but I don't want to go so far this winter. "The Song of the Indian Wars" must not be neglected.

With all kind thoughts,

Jno. G. Neihardt

My "Splendid Wayfaring" will appear very soon, and I have just given Macmillans a new volume of verse for the spring of '21 — two dramas.

J. G. N.