Dear Mr. Mott: —

Yours of the 9th has just come.

We did not think you unappreciative. On the contrary, we regretted that we could not give you a better welcome. Come again & plan to stay longer.

I'm looking forward to the Dec. number of the Review.

When the new edition of the "Friends" is ready, I'll send you a copy. This should be very soon, tho' there might be a delay.

Braithwaite has asked me for exclusive rights to dispose of moving picture versions of the two narrative poems. He seems very enthusiastic. Now while I despise the movies in their present state, I see how B's idea could be of great advantage to my Life Scheme, and I have turned him loose to do what he can.

The enclosed Transcript article might interest you. Please return it in your next.

Always yours,

Jno. N.