Dear Sterling: —

Many thanks! I'm mightily glad to have the lady, and I'm going to treat her right this very night. That is, I'll find the time to read the book tonight, and I know I'll have real joy of it.

Have you seen Robinson's latest — "The Three Taverns"? Received a copy from him several weeks ago. I have all but one of his books from him.

My "Splendid Wayfaring" is due any minute now. My "Two Mothers" will appear in the spring. "Glass" has just gone into its third printing, and the "Three Friends" into its second. "The Quest" is waiting for its second printing now, & should appear again before the new year.

By the way, in your last letter you said you didn't know the poem that won the Poetry Society prize of $500. The hell you don't! It was "The Song of Three Friends".

I'm going strong on "The Song of the Indian Wars". It's the thing I was born to do, I know.

Have Trines called on you?



Braithwaite is trying to land "Glass" & the "Friends" in the movies!