Dear Mr. Mott: —

You must have wondered why I have not written about your article. On Oct. 29 I left Bancroft to buy a home in the Ozarks, and here I am with all my family, including my mother. I have bought a very pretty place with lots of house room for my friends (which certainly includes you), and a wide view on one of the most beautiful regions I have seen. I had to come ahead, and my folks looked after the packing. Your article arrived after I left Bancroft. My wife put it in her grip, but a neighbor asked to read it during the last night in Bancroft, and it didn't get back into the grip. As a result, I have not yet read the article. My folks tell me it is a fine one, which doesn't surprise me. I wrote over a week ago to have the copy sent on, but, as I have said, it hasn't turned up. Dr. House has a copy in Wayne, and said he would send it to me. I suppose I will see it soon. Am very eager to get it.

I am to make a reading tour through Nebraska and South Dakota in January. Will be at the U. of So. Dak in Jan. 10, and there will be five or six other S. D. towns to visit immediately after. I wish arrangments could be made for me to turn up in Indianola and at Grinnel. I could return that way from South Dakota.

I received a letter from the Iowa Press and Authors' Club just as I was getting on the train at Bancroft, inviting me to be the guest of honor in Des Moines on the 18th Nov. Of course I couldn't accept. It hurt to refuse.

Some time you will visit me here, and we will have some happy days and nights together. You will be welcome at any time. This is a great place for a vacation. We are one-half mile from Lake Taneycomo, and there are so many woodsy roads to follow.

With all kind thoughts,

Jno. Neihardt