Dear Mott:—

Yesterday one mail brought me two copies of the Review! Your article is bully; and I am very grateful indeed for it. You say enough to arouse curiosity and yet not enough to satisfy it. Such an article sends the reader to the books of the author discussed.

As a propagandist I must thank you especially for coining the proper adjective, "Neihardtian". That will help.

I have now lost one month, but am getting at "The Song of the Indian Wars" this week, and expect no more interruptions until I make the S. D. trip in January. Then I shall be in position to make a long strong pull to the end. I find that it is good to be stopped now and then, for one changes constantly, and by losing a little time now & then the tendency to become set in one way of saying things and in a few particular ways of managing rhythms, is broken up. In a long work like the "Song of the Wars" it would be easy to acquire offensive mannerisms. Still, the interruptions must not be too frequent — "a goading purpose and a creeping pace"!

I hear there is strong action in Nebraska to have me made laureate by action of the Legislature & proclamation of the Governor. This would help the work a great deal, and the rest is piffle, pure piffle.

I'm having a copy of the "Wayfaring" sent to you through the Review. I'm wondering if you might find time to review it. My "Two Mothers" is already in galley proofs.

The Neihardt Club is organizing. I hope you will help with advice, or in any way. Dr. House was delighted with your article.

A snatchy letter, surely. But man, I'm just coming out of chaos. Moving is a frightful job.

Yours always,

Jno. N.