Dear Sterling: —

It has been a long while since I heard from you last, but many things have kept me from writing. Your last letter told how you had refused to become a member of the Institute, & I rejoiced at your stand, for your reasons are good. I had thought, however, that the advertising value of membership might be considerable, and for that reason I was genuinely glad to hear that you had been selected. Of course you do not need the Institute; it could add nothing to you, but it makes a noise, & this is a noisy planet.

Anyway, congratulations on your admirable display of bowels!

Do you know Dhan Gopal Mukerji, the young Hindoo ​ Brahmin? He spent Easter Sunday with me, and we had a fine battle!

The school edition of Glass was sold out by Feb 1st, & is only now reprinting. Rather gratifying to me! My "The Splendid Wayfaring" (prose) will be out for the Fall trade. Am beginning on my "Song of the Indian Wars".

How are you, Old Man? And do you love me just a little? I wish I could have you alone in some lonesome place for a day. So much to discuss concerning current tendencies!

Good luck!

(See inside)
Yours always,


I'm off for a scout on several of the old Sioux & Cheyenne battlefields in May. Will lecture at several places by way of paying expenses. Will meet some Indian-chiefsIndian chiefs & scouts who have agreed to give me dope on the old heroic times. They will go to a big ranch out in the sand hills ​, & there we will have a powwow.