Dear Slade:

Yes, I know I should have written you sooner, and I'm sorry, because you are dear to me, my friend. I have been lost in my autobiography and I've written no letters for some time — too long.

Slade, what is the latest about your your book? Why did the publisher suddenly balk? Did he give you a royalty contract, or did you subsidize the book?

I see now that I should have written the publisher. Should I still do so? I really want to help.

I've been having wonderful times with audiences of late. I had 1500 last week, and they gave me eight encores!

We will drive down to Skyrim for Thanksgiving. I have come to feel strange to the place. A house without a dear woman in it is not much.

I do still love you.

Give my warm regards to Nita.

John Neihardt