Skyrim Farm
Dear Slade:

Yes, I was in Columbia attending the unveiling of my painted portrait in the Neihardt Room at the Library.

Many thanks for the piece on two brothers!! It is a lovingly written account, and I know well how it does faithfully record a beautiful love. You remark that H. B. was perfectly unselfish. That is the outstanding fact about the man, along with an affectionate attitude toward everyone and unfailing good will. It is good to think of him.

I'm just signing an option contract for the production of Black Elk Speaks as a movie.

Dick Cavett will run a 90-minute TV show in color on me in March. He moved his whole studio force from N. Y. to Omaha in order to to make the interview easy for me. Actually, he told Arthur Godfrey, "Neihardt is the most interesting personality I've ever ever interviewed".

This was in an interview a week ago.
Forgive me for seeming to brag I just want you to know.

Tell me about your book. Is it doing well?

I do love to hear from you, Slade. How is Nita? Give her my kind thoughts. And the old love to you.

John Neihardt
P. S.

Black Elk continues to sell remarkably in the U. S. and Europe, where it is translated into six languages Things are happening fast. Also, I give a good many public programs.

J. N.