Dear Lucile,

Hurrah! Hurrah! The BOOK is finished and on its way! Now if Bruce will act. He is rather a [Cunctator?] (if you recall your Romans) If he seems to be delaying too long, don't wait and wait, and wait.

The Xerox copy of the MS will be kept in my bank box with other valuables. It is precious beyond rubies and sapphires!

I've decided to complete the autobiography before letting it be published. Even if it has to wait until I am in that Mansion of mine. Sooner or later someone may thank me.

Lucile, it's a great story, that of your continued devotion and effort for ten years!! It will be remembered, I know.

I hope you will be in Bancroft on Neihardt Day. They seem to have Plans for a special meeting. We were in Bancroft yesterday — a bittersweet experience.

Nebraskaland Magazine will take colored photos of me in the Prayer Garden near the end of May when it is in full bloom.

We hesitated in signing the movie option contract, and then the social troubles stopped the clock for us. But we are assured that negotiations will be resumed before long. I hope so. I'd love to see a mess of real money once in a long life; altho' I do feel I've been purposely protected from such a sight for my own good.

I said mess!
Over and over I [may've?] just missed big money doings in most irrational ways! I guess Heaven is my home (and I do have a Mansion there, you know.)

I love you and yours truly

John (Gaki) Neihardt
P. S.

It seems miraculous that Charles came through! Now let's believe the Pattern will cover old Stewart and Robin! Why not? Even their diabolically clever killing machines don't get a very large percentage of the combatants.

Can it be possible that Stewart is no longer the boy who was enamoured of John Paul Jones?! And now he will soon be Daddy?


How I do want to hold that Book in my hands!

I will go to Columbia tomorrow for a week's visit.

Florence (a flyer) will fly me back next Saturday.
I may soon move back there, as Youngs may have to sell their big house here and take smaller quarters. The place down there is full of heartache, much as I love my dear ones. Maybe I can work out a new adjustment, but I don't want to do it