Dear Slade:

I was in Columbia writing when your letter was forwarded to me.

As for the proposed collection of Essays, there is no possibility of early publication. I even think of their appearance after I'm living in that beautiful Mansion mansion I have in Heaven!! Of course, they may appear while I'm living, but I don't care; I just want the Essays preserved.

I have decided to complete my "Autobiography" before publishing any of it. This seems the wiser way. I'll be busy on the Adult Section most of the coming year.

Dr. Aly's Biography of J — G — Neihardt is complete and the MS is in the hands of the publisher. It is a large [work?] — 1000 pages of MS — and God alone knows what the publisher may decide, altho the author has a contract. It is a remarkably fine piece of work. Hilda pronounces it "magnificent." It is the result of ten years of scholarly research. And devotion.

It should apper ​ in 1971.

Well, the poor cock-eyed world is in a heluva dither, isn't it? it? How can we get out of this idiotic war — 10000 miles from home and no possibility of winning a victory victory!??!

Kindest thoughts —
Your affectionate old friend —

John Neihardt

The "Red Wind" is blowing, across the world!! See my poem written years before the Russian Revolution