Dear Slade:

Hurrah! hurrah! It's a beautiful book, inside and out, and I have been rejoicing over it a whole forenoon. The contents, of course, are familiar, but it is thrilling to hold the book in my hands!

Slade, dear younger brother, you surely did a good job, and there will be many who will thank you for the help you will have given them.

The book is practical. It is certain to help a sincere troubled person to realize his problem and work on it in a reasonable way. I am unable to solve for myself all the problems you analyze, but I know your suggestions are sound. I was surprised, but, of course, pleased to note your reference to me. And I didn't miss the wording of your dedication to your Lady — bless her and all good ladies!

I'm pushing on happily with my Old Man story. People laugh a lot and cry a bit when they hear it read aloud. We had a big birthday party (a telegram from the Governor!) and the guests asked to hear some of the MS. We had lots of fun listening to my Florence., who does my MS work and longer letters.

You should yourself be a happy man, and I know you are. I know you practice your teaching. I've known that for years.

I am so glad you could do the book — and more so, because you actually did do it!

Your elder Brother —

John Neihardt