Dear Slade:

I have just returned from H. B.'s funeral. Rev. Crowley made a fine, intelligent and honest talk. He really did get H. B.'s character. I was so good. I've known H. B. since 1948 when he sold me a farm; and I know what an honest-to-god person he was. Bless his s soul! I do not feel sentimental or even sad. I know he is far better off than we are. Soon he will know far more about life than we know.

Hilda had to be in Jefferson City on a court case; but Alice came in and we went together.

Alice is fond of H. B. and you.

Things go well with me. Black Elk is selling like mad in America and Europe.

Two people are after after an option on the book. — one for a Broadway play play, and one for a movie — I don't like either one; but there will be others, as Black Elk Speaks is "the hottest thing" going" on both coasts!

I'm writing well on my "autobiography." Dr Aly's big biography (1000 MS pages) is being prepared for the press, and will be out at the end of summer.

Yesterday at a fine ceremony, my painted portrait was unveiled in my library room at the U. of Missouri. Big reception afterward!

The Hungarian artist, Franz Szasz painted the portrait! A real work of art.

I love you, Slade! Be a good boy, and "keep your knees clean" as Myrtle Young tells me.

You'll miss old H. B. But he's quite all right.

Your friend

John Neihardt