Dear Lucile:

I'm very eager to know more about the Biography and what you hear from the Press. They should be more or less busy with it by now.

What a joy to see the BOOK actually in print!

Something has happened! It's surprising how [our?] books are selling! I wonder what did it. Black Elk Speaks is a big seller and is gaining rapidly. Even the five other books are selling. Macmillans never had such sales.

There are now five inquiries for movie and stage play rights. We are holding [out?] for more money. A playwright of New York talked an hour with us the other day. His agent was on the line too.

I'm writing and getting some good stuff. I'm on the second (adult) section of my — no, it's not an autobiography at all. It's more interesting than that (!)

Last Thursday the Library of the U. of Mo. hung and unveiled a fine fine painted portrait of me in the "Neihardt Room" of the Library. There was a lovely ceremony, and a reception afterwards. The painter is Franz Szasz, a Hungarian. The painting is really a masterpiece!

Tell me some news, please. I've heard indirectly that the Press is working on the Biography.

My book will not even be ready before a couple of years, and it is not competing with yours.

Love to you, Bower, and the others —

John Neihardt