Dear Lucile:

We have been reading your biography aloud again and I want to tell you that it strikes us as a fine thing. It saddens me to think that unknown parties, who may not have any sympathetic feeling for the task may be allowed to cut and [strip?]. There are many pages that simply ought not to be lost. For instance, I think your discussion of

Best to Bower!
my experiences with [authorship?] is a discerning thing, and I don't mean to throw bouquets at myself either. There is something needing explanation, and it is characteristic — and you explain it clearly. Very often you get off a corking passage, like, for just one instance, your description of a [Trapper's?] life from Splendid Wayfaring.

Do you
Do you get the impression that the cutting will be done intelligently and with a kindly purpose? (There are so many goddamn asses in the world — along with so many almost incredibly fine people, I hasten to admit!

Dick Cavett, the top TV star, is putting me on his program for a special very soon. He will, it seems now, come here from New York to shoot me in my natural habitat.

The record is out — beautiful, and mostly correct, but with a slight error or two. No matter, and no real harm done.

I want to know what you feel about the cutting. I believe it can be in your favor (now) if done judiciously and with proper understanding.

Is Virginia friendly to you? I hope so, and I seem to be sure she is. Tell me what you feel. She is important still

Love from

John N.