Dear Lucile:

I must tell you about the Dick Cavett interview, and please don't think I am bragging! I am telling you because I know you care about the matter, and there's no one else to tell you.

Well, our interview lasted four hours.

I recited 45 minutes at K. C. from memory.
At the end, Cavett said, "I never knew anything like it", It's the best program I ever had." He told others that I was "the most interesting personality he ever interviewed." I know this sounds ridiculous, but that's what he said.

Hiddy and I were entertained at the new Hilton Hotel. Everything was planned

We will tell you when the Cavett program goes on the air.
to make us happy.

Cavett was told by [sources?] that I like Coors beer! It is not for sale in Missouri, so he had a case sent from Kansas.

Cavett's whole force was sent out to a big studio in Chicago, in order to make it easier for us.

Cavett further said he would plan a live show for the spring, and would get Geo. C. Scott to join us! (Scott was my student in 1950).

Do forgive the sound of this letter. It was a wow, and the whole personnel was excited over the interview. I don't know why, really.

Two days ago (Wed, the 3rd) I gave a program to 1200 Shawnee Mission high school students in Kansas City. They gave me a series of standing ovations. It was overpowering. (I don't know why

Love to you & Bower

John Gaki