Drs. Bower and Lucile Aly
Dear Friends:

Well, the Cavett show is over and I judge by your much appreciated telegram that you saw it in color. We saw it in black and white. I hope it was pleasing to you, and I judge it was.

I am not trying to thank you for all that you did to promote interest in the show and for the beautiful letters you wrote for the memory book.

I am eager to learn what progress you, Lucile, have been making with the manuscript.

I wish I could tell you about the affair at the Capitol Building on the 21st. It was perfectly lovely, well planned and carried out with all the senators, judges, and state officials taking part.

I am very tired today, after losing two or three hours of sleep and I am afraid my weariness may get into this note.

Anyway, you know that I love you,

John Gaki
John Neihardt