Recopied [it out?]
Mrs. Mildred Bennett Red Cloud, Nebraska
Dear Mildred:

It was certainly good to hear from you and to learn that your health is improving. I saw old Stanley at Bancroft on Neihardt Day and he seemed in good spirits and assured me that you were doing well. I wish you could be with us over there one of these times. We do have a happy time together

Here is some news. Simon and Shuster ​ has contracted for BLACK ELK SPEAKS to be mass published in the pocketbook series. The first edition will come out in February.

Also, Harcourt Brace Ibanovitch ​ will publish the youth section of my autobiography in May. Also the Avon Company (mass publishers of paperbacks) have taken over WHEN THE TREE FLOWERED. The Dick Cavett show had a tremendous effect on my affairs. It received a greater response than any program ever did before and it is still responding. There are three or four other probabilities brewing now. It's really most exciting. Simon and Shuster ​ gave an advance of $20,000 and a royalty of ten percent. The other deals are just as good.

I am pushing along happily with the adult section of my autobiography. There is no hurry and I am not hurrying. We do want to get out to see you when it is possible. I was glad to hear about the success of your son.

Here are most affectionate regards for you and the doctor.

Your friend,

John G. Neihardt
P. S.

It has just occurred to me that I will see you on the 9th of October in connection with the Western Literature affair.