Dear Lucile:

I have your letter about the biography together with your letter to Bruce. It seems too bad, but probably is not. I often wondered how in the world you were going to get by the nothing-if-not-modern- damn fools It would be bully if you could land some commercial publisher. I doubt that Harcourt would want the biography when it is preparing to come my so-called "autobiography"; which Dick Cavett induced them to take. I believe he means to bace base one of his programs on it. It could carry your book over your book over into popularity. The influence of Cavett is fantastic. All of my books have leaped into favor. Black Elk has sold 67000 copies in less than a year year, and dragged all the all the other books with it. As well as giving me some valuable contracts for more publication.

I wish a British house could see its way to taking your book! Do you have a publisher in mind? Random House? Maybe It's really comical about Black Elk!! It's selling like a nasty novel.

We've [just up?] for movies too.

Simon & Shuster ​ is ours — of all things. And Pocket Book and Avon!

Do tell me what publishers, if any, you are considering

With the old love for both of you

John N.