5835 Vine Street Lincoln, Nebraska 68505 Dr. Robert M. Vassell Division of Humanities Dakota Wesleyan University Mitchell, South Dakota 57301
Dear Dr. Vassell:

It was very good to hear from you and to know that you are looking forward to my visit at your college. I understand that the tentative dates are the 4th, 5th and 6th of May but I suppose this will be considered further.

You wished me well in Omaha and I suppose you were thinking of the Dick Cavett interview. It was a joy in every way and I understand that Cavett was greatly pleased. Cavett brought his entire outfit from New York to Omaha in order to make it easier for me. Several nights ago he had an interview with Arthur Godfrey and in talking about me he said "he is the most interesting person I ever interviewed." I don't know what he meant and I am ashamed to relay it but you are a friend and I think you will really want to know.

I have a feeling that you and I ought to know each other better because I think we would "click."

With all kind thoughts,

John G. Neihardt