Professor Melvin B. Yoken Department of Modern Languages Southeastern Massachusets ts Universiy ty The Commonwealth of Massachusetts North Dartmouth, Massachusetts 02747
Dear Professor Yoken:

That was a beautiful letter, yours of January 27, and I cherish it greatly. It will be filed away with my special letters.

I am very glad that you are glad about my record, and I hope you will like it when you have had an opportunity to hear it. The check that you enclosed has been turned over to the Thompson Company as I have nothing to do with the marketing of the record.

It is very good of you to want me to visit you and it is not impossible that I may be in the East sometime in the spring for a live show with Dick Cavett. I am sure you will be interested to know that Cavett interviewed me recently (for four hours) and was delighted with the results. He brought his whole force from New York to Omaha to make it easy for me. We had a glorious time.

If I should be in New York in the spring or any other time you may be sure that I will want to call you up.

All that you say about my work is deeply appreciated.

With all kind thoughts,

John G. Neihardt