Dear Lucile:

Since I wrote that lovely letter to you this A. M. I received an exciting one from Hilda, a copy of which I enclose. You will see why I send it on. We have dreamed of Harcourt Brace Jalnovich ​ becoming my publisher, bringing all my work together. And how fun for your Book to come out with a big commerical [hunsa?]? Harcourt is tops along with Simon & Shuster ​ (whom we also have now!)

You must know that Mr. Muller herein quoted, is vice president of Harcourt He it was who asked for a final chapter to my autobiography. You see how he feels about it! And to think that Dick Cavett will furnish (or at least sign the Introduction! My final chapter is about 2000 words or a bit more.

We all want to sit tight on the on the matter of the Biography. We want that to go over; and it may go over big, considering the backlog of popularity we have [through?] Black Elk. (By the way, the Pocket Book publication should be out out very soon.

What tickles me is the clear fact that I write at least as well as when I was much younger. Maybe I write better, as some say. It's not easier, but the result has unshed tears in it — [along?] with some unlaughed laughter!

I may send you a copy of The [Storming?] of Bancroft. It is about my father and the 22nd regulars. This chapter concludes my study of my Dad. Just a chapter! And I never knew him well until I recreated him on paper paper.

I am not mad at you! I love you and Bower.

John N.
Hilda N. Petri Attorney-at-Law 110 North Eighth Street, Columbia, Missouri 65201 Phone (314) 449-2929
Dear Gaki:

I just received a telelphone call from Mr. Muller which I think will make you very happy.

Mr. Muller apologized for his delay in replying about the episode. He has been foreman of a grand jury for the past three weeks, and you can imagine how his work stacked up.

Mr. Muller said that he is delighted with the chapter, that it does everything he wanted it to do and more. He said to me, and I think these are his exact words, "I want you to extend to John my very warm admiration. I think he has done a great job. It left me with a sense of admiration for what he had done, but in addition I was touched. That is a pretty tough thing to do with me".

Mr. Muller will be working on the introduction which will be submitted to Cavett for his approval and possible additions or changes. They are going to be shooting at publication in October, which is just about the ideal time of the year. Of course, the election will be on everyone's mind at that time; however, one just can't have everything exactly right.

I received a very friendly letter from Mr. Nicoll, in response to a very friendly letter from me. University of Nebraska Press would be interested in publishing a cloth bound edition of BLACK ELK SPEAKS. They also are very eager to continue publishing their paperback edition and the paperback edition of WHEN THE TREE FLOWERED. However, Mr. Nicoll states that there is no problem whatsoever on the mass paperback of WHEN THE TREE FLOWERED or BLACK ELK SPEAKS.

About the cloth bound edition. I think we should just take it easy on that for a few days until we see what else occurs. We do want a hardback edition in this country, but we would not want to get tied up if another opportunity will come to light soon.

We are working like demons here. Tax time in addition to everything else. As you know, we have spent a great deal of time collecting the materials necessary for Mr. Mosk in his consideration of filing suit against the movie made by DeWitt. Now I have to get together biographical material for Mr. Muller, which I will do within the next few days. I told him about Lucile Aly's definitive biography. He seemed interested.

Alice has been quite sick with the flu and I am trying to fight it off also. This is a flu-y time, I guess.

Please tell Myrtle that I'll reply to her letters soon.

Much love as always,

(signed) Hilda