Mr. Lauren Friesen Box 212 North Newton, Kansas 67117
Dear Mr. Friesen

Many thanks for your letter of April 5, 1972. It is good to know that you found a message in BLACK ELK SPEAKS.

Naturally I am interested in the purpose of your magazine but I have no unpublished manuscripts on hand. I suggest, however, that you find in some of my work something that you would like to copy. If so, I would be glad to give you permission to re-publish with credit. It is probably e that you could find in my LYRIC AND DRAMATIC POEMS some suitable poem, for instance, April Theology or Easter. There should be passages in BLACK ELK that would be suitable for your purpose.

Incidentally, BLACK ELK is distributed throughout the United States in a Pocket Book edition and it is selling rapidly here and in Europe.

My LYRICE AND DRAMATIC POEMS airsare published by the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.

With all kind thoughts,

John G. Neihardt