Mr. Gregory George 1907 Garling Drive Bloomington, Illinois 61701
Dear Friend Greg:

It was certainly a joy to hear from you, for I remember well my visit to Hawthorne. I believe that even my little dog Jacquot accompanied me on that visit and my memory of the whole affair is a happy one.

It is especially interesting that you are attending school in Bloomington. My first "poem" so called was published in the Bloomington Eye when I was about 14 years old. Don't look it up. It is terrible but I did feel that you would be interested.

I am enclosing a card bearing my autograph.

Incidentally, it occurs to me that you might sometime be in Taylorville. I was born near there in 1881 and there is now a Christian County Historical Society there which features a collection of my work. The lady in charge is Miss Dorothy Drennen. I think a meeting between you two would be notable.

Did you see the Neihardt-Cavett television show last year? You may want to know that it will be repeated on the ABC network on June 12.

My autobiography, ALL IS BUT A BEGINNING, is being published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich of New York on September 20. No doubt it will be in your library.

With affectionate thoughts, your old friend

John G. Neihardt

I suggest that you look me up in WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA and INTERNATIONAL WHO'S WHO. You will find these in your library.