5835 Vine Street Lincoln, Nebraska 68505 Miss Cheryl Roark 13160 W. Outer Drive Apt. 307 Detroit, Michigan 48223
Dear Miss Roark:

First of all I may say that the questions raised in your letter to me in care of the University of Nebraska Press would be best answered by Mooney's GHOST DANCE RELIGION. This was published by the Bureau of American Ethnology. I am quite sure any large library could furnish you a copy of it or if your Detroit Library does not have it on its shelves it could procurprocure it for you.

You ask about Jack Wilson. He was the Piute ​ Indian who was known by his people [the Indians?] as Wovoka, and he was the one who said that that he had a vision in which he [learned?] that Jesus was coming back. I have had considerable experience with Indian visions as you probably know if you are acquainted with my BLACK ELK SPEAKS or my WHEN THE TREE FLOWERED. These are published by the University of Nebraska Press. As a result of my experience with Indian visions I could very well believe that Jack Wilson Wovoka was sincere and actually believed his own dreams. For that matter, I am not certain that he was wrong.

You ask if I knew Charlie Russell. I am sorry to say that during the period of his greatest activity I was too young and too l uninotam important to know him. He was certainly a great man.

No, I did not know any outstanding painter of the o Old West. I hope I have said something that may help you. Do try to get Mooney's work. But in the meanwhile I do hope you may become acquainted with my SONG OF THE MESSIAH. You will see how far I go with visions.

With all kind thoughts,