Mrs. Frances Jacobs Alberts 119 North Elm Hastings, Nebraska 68901
Dear Mrs. Alberts:

It was good to hear from you and I shall be glad to do the dedication. But please tell me what your deadline is and how much space you want to give me. I must tell you, too, that my sod house experience was in northwestern Kansas not far from Nebraska. How much do you make of state lines? I, myself, refuse to accept them. I lived in a sod house on the upper Solomon River with my grandparents 85 years ago. Two years ago I visited the spot. I have given an account of my visit in my autobiography. I suppose it is not reminiscens ce that you want from me but merely a dedication to the memory of those old timers, one of which I am.

Please write me again. I am very busy with a final chapter of my autobiol graphy but I should be able to find time for the dedication. It

It is good to remember the time we spent with you in your home.

With all kind thoughts,