Mr. Bob Priddy News Director KLIK Radio 950 Inc. P. O. Box 414 Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
Dear Bob:

It was good to hear from you and I am sorry that I failed to reply to the letter you mention. The fact that I had a bout with pneumonia and was in the hospital a while may explain my failure to honor your letter.

I am interested in all that you say.

I have for some time been living in Lincoln because of certain vital interests I have here. My legal address is still Skyrim Farm, Columbia, Missouri and I go back occasionally. I expect to be at Skyrim, my farm home near Columbia, sometime in the spring, as I plan to superintend some improvements on my property there. I cannot tell you now when that will be but it would be well for you to write me again, say in March, and I may be able to give you some definite answer. It would be a pleasure to meet with the 20 friends you mention and talk about things that interest us both. Perhaps we can also arrange for the radio interview that you suggest. At any rate I want you to know that I am interested in your propositions. We have been overwhelmed with communications from all over the country. BLACK ELK SPEAKS is extremely popular and our correspondence is demanding. It would be god od, however, if you and I could have that conference on the Missouri River.

Simon and Schuster is bringing out a mass edition of BLACK ELK SPEAKS through their affiliate, Pocket Book. The first edition will appear this month and I understand [it and ?][wIll?] include 200,000 copies.

With kind thoughts, for yourself and your Lady,

John G. Neihardt
P. S.

Harcourt Brace will publish my autobiography in the fall. The title will be ALL IS BUT A BEGINNING.