Ron and Mary Ellen Miller 610 South Beech Street Oxford, Ohio 45056
Dear Friends:

It was good to hear from you again and to renew our memories of your visit here.

Naturally, I am interested in your desire to write something on Black Elk. At this distance it is difficult to say much that would be of value to you. I think your difficulty may well be in the matter of technique, as you suggest. It would be difficult if not impossible to help you in such matters. Creation of any work of art is pretty much an individdual ​ affair but if I can help you in any way I should be glad to do so. However, I could not undertake to read manuscript because my eyes are not in the usual condition for much reading.

This much I can say, you should dream out what you want to do by keeping it in mind day and night until you know definitely what you wish to express and the form in which you wish to express it. Having a clear idea of your purpose is extremely important.

There have been a good many requests for permission to write various things based on Black Elk — plays, movies, even operas. Not any of these has yet materialized, and I think it is because the purpose was not clear.

Anyway, we here value your friendship very much and are looking forward to another visit sometime before too long.

With the kindest of thoughts and the best wishes, your friend

John G. Neihardt