Mr. and Mrs. Ward Moore 1321 Gray Street Poplar Bluff, Missouri 63901
Dear Friends:

This note is written mostly to say that I still love you.

I am delighted to know that you liked my "autobiography." Yes, I have lived in antiquity, and so have you, at the outer edge of it.

Here is a nice item of news. Governor Exon of Nebraska sent a copy of my book to Richard Nixon, and Nixon wrote me a letter of appreciation. I have just dropped him a note thanking him for his kindness and incidentally congratulating him on an overwhelming victory.

Do you know about the Neihardt Foundation and the plan to make Neihardt Center at Bancroft, where I used to live? The land has recently been purchased for the purpose.

I am working on the second volume of my "autobiography." It's not like any other autobiography; neither is the first one. Thorpe Menn of the Kansas City Star says it is a "new dimension in autobiography." I have about a third of the second volume written, maybe more. Much of it is written in episodes which tend to become short stories or essays, all growing out of my experience.

I wonder if I will ever see you two again. Perhaps you will turn up in Lincoln sometime.

Do you know about Neihardt Day in Bancroft? It is celebrated on the first Sunday in August. You ought to come and share the experience with us. It's really pretty nice. If you come, you will be guests of honor.

We receive so many letters from all over the planet that letter-writing has become a burden. Mrs. Young spends most of the day with correspondence and I have a secretary who comes in to clean up the recent letters.

Your old friend,