Mr. Tara Singh P. O. Box 997 Carmel, California 93921
Dear Mr. Singh:

I have your letter of October 18, 1972, and I am glad to know that you recieved Black Elk's message.

Since you are so much interested in Black Elk, I suggest that you get a copy of THE DIVINE ENCHANTMENT from the Congressional Library. I finished that book at the age of sixteen, which shows how much Hindu thought and mysticism have meant in my life. Five hundred copies of THE DIVINE ENCHANTMENT were printed and published in 1900. In 1902, I destroyed nearly all of the edition and copies of it are now unattainable, so far as I know. A Boston book shop sold a copy of it for $250.00 last winter. I, myself, have a few copies but they are not for the market.

I am afraid you would have little or no luck in looking for another Indian of Black Elk's caliber and spiritual development. And if you did find one you would have great difficulty in getting him to talk about such matters. I have been in contact with Indians since the beginning of the century and I found only one Black Elk. He died in 1953. I think you will get more out of W my book WHEN THE TREE FLOWERED than most any other book I know. The volume is very little known but is still in print and can be procured from the University Press, Lincoln, Nebraska.

With all kind thoughts,

John G. Neihardt