Mrs. Anne Deirup 1629 Josephine Street Berkeley, California 94703
Dear Anne Deirup:

Many thanks for that letter. You certainly do have a remarkable collection of my work and I am especially interested in "Mab's books." The one that interests me most is The Dawn Builder, sent to John and Mary Deirup by our Grandmother Culler. I have a suggestion to make. The Neihardt Foundation of Bancroft, Nebraska, is planning to build a Neihardt Center and of course, the library will contain many rare items. I do hope the time may come when you will be willing to trust your collection to this foundation or to some other equally respectable organization for safe keeping.

I would hope that this would not happen for a number of years yet, but I do wish you could consider the proposition.

I intend, of course, to give everything rare that I have to this foundation when the time seems ripe.

With all kind thoughts,

John Neihardt