Dr. M. Slade Kendrick 225 Willard Way Ithaca, N. Y. 14850
Dear Slade:

I was much interested in your letter and the case of the keys is really intriguing. I, too, am inclined to believe that it was psychical phenomenon. Surely coincidence is a lazy way of explaining. You mention that you are studying the phenomena of Patience Worth. Yes, I did know Patience Worth through Mrs. Curran, who, however, became Mrs. Rogers soon after I met her. It was an astonishing experience to sit with her as I did and hear her change suddenly into a much more beautiful woman than she was ordinarily, while reciting perfectly beautiful poetry in free form. She gave me all of her books inscribed, and she made comment, or rather I mean Patience Worth made comment through her on the magnitude of my CYCLE OF THE WEST. What she said about that was really beautiful. Mrs. Rogers died some years ago in California, and the world has gone on in the same old way ever since. Such happenings, if understood, would revolutionize society.

I do greatly appreciate the things you said about ALL IS BUT A BEGINNING. Thanks, my dear friend. We have had some fine comments but no one seems to be less than happy after reading the book. I am so glad for this.

With the old affection, for you and Nita,

John Neihardt