Mr. Mike Koury, 405 Link Lane Fort Collins, Colorado 80521
Dear Mike Koury:

Another noble book! Mrs. Young and I have gone through it page by page and will probably do so again.

I have four Rinehart originals — Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, Spotted Tail and Curly. Curly, as you probably know, is my Brother Friend, and he has long since been gathered to his fathers.

I am much interested in the pictures of Chase-in-the Morning, Iron Hawk, and American Horse. The latter could not be the one killed at Slim Buttes but could be the son, I suppose. Chase-in-the-Morning and Iron Hawk could very well be the ones I know by those names. I knew them in 1930 and that would bring them to about the right age for my Indians. Chase-in-the-Morning had a beautiful tenor voice and he could sing like a nightingale. He woke me and my daughters in the morning by singing to use ​ in our sacred tepee.

Iron Hawk, who could well be Rinehart's man, was once telling me and my daughters and several friends how he fought at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. He was riding his pony and fighting in pantomime. I'd hate to meet a face like that in the dark, but he was a good man and he noted that my little daughter twelve years old was very much excited by his description of the battle. Her eyes were as big as saucers. When Iron Hawk noted her he evidently was afraid he was scaring the little girl so he stopped his pantomime battle, smiled down at the little girl and said, "Well, you know we were all crazy. We were thinking about the women and children down yonder in the valley, running away all out of breath." I said, "Iron Hawk, you needn't apologize to her. She is on your side." He grinned from ear to ear and said, "Ah-h-h-h."

I am glad to see Touch-the-Cloud. He figures importantly in my description of the death of Sitting Bull in THE SONG OF THE INDIAN WARS.

This sketchy letter in no way represents my great admiration for this latest product of your Press. It is not only a pleasing book but it was needed.

If you have not yet received your copy of my latest book, ALL IS BUT A BEGINNING, it will be coming along one of these times I'm sure. There was some sort of mixup in the mailing from the publishers.

I cannot thank you enough for this beautiful book and what you have written on the flyleaf.

With every kind thought and good wish, your friend,
John G. Neihardt