Dear Katie Kelly:

That was a thrilling letter, about the thrillingest I have received for a long time. To think that you actually chanted my stuff on the Acropolis. I do wish I could have been within hearing distance of you for I am sure it was something to hear. You say that when you finished you were weeping. This reminds me of something Black Elk once told me about praying. He said a prayer is no good until it makes you feel like crying. I often feel as you did when I am reciting to an audience. Sometimes I have to make a strong effort to retain my composure.

I am so happy to hear that your aricle will appear in the Saturday Review and that you like it, for if it were being damaged by editing you would not feel happy. I am sure that if you have a hand in the editing, it will be all right. We are all so eager to see it.

Yesterday we learned that ALL IS BUT A BEGINNING has been reviewed in by Best Sellers. The review is a column long and is one of the best I've ever received.

When will you be coming back to see us?

With affectionate thoughts, your friend,

John G. Neiharddt