5835 Vine Street Lincoln, Nebraska 68505 Mr. Earl Thompson 'La Casarat' 83 Entrecasteaux (Var) France
Dear Earl:

We have been friends for a long while, and I am sure shall be for a long time yet.

I have some news for you that I think will interest you. The Saturday Review of the Arts will have a special illustrated article on my ALL IS BUT A BEGINNING in the February number. Advance copies will be available in Januay, I am told.

ALL IS BUT A BEGINNING is listed as a best seller in the Best Seller Magazine. At the same time, BLACK ELK SPEAKS is still on the best seller list and is going strong yet.

I am working steadily on the second volume of what is called my autobiography. The first volume (on my boyhood and youth) seems to win its way with practically everybody. I am very much surprised by its reception.

Do you often think of the good days when we were together in Epic America and the nice lunches we shared? I like to think of that time.

You say you are working on another novel, and I wish you would tell me about it.

When I last heard from you, you were in Switzerland, and now you are in France. Tell me about your situation there.

With all kind thoughts and best wishes, your friend

John Neihardt
P. S.

My TV class is still going strong at the University of Missouri. I am told there are 250 in the class and that they could have 500 at any time if there were only room for them.

J. N.