Dr. Edward H. Weatherly Department of English 231 Arts and Science University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri 65201
Dear Dr. Weatherly:

That was a beautiful letter about my book, and I want you to know how greatly I prize it. What you feel and think about my work is important to me.

Do you ever see my television program "The Twilight of the Sioux"? It is good to know that some of me still lingers at the University.

I am working on the adult section of my "autobiography" and I believe I have about one-half of it completed. It will differ somewhat in character from the boyhood and youth section which you have read.

This carries affectionate regards for you and Mrs. Weatherly. I like to think of both of you.

I need to know more about the boy who no longer is a boy. What is he doing now? I suppose I should know but I don't. He became dear to me as a result of our friendship.

Your old friend,

John G. Neihardt