Dear Katie:

It is a pity that the Saturday Review forgot its promise. We were disappointed, of course, but I feel less sory for us than for you because I know that it meant a great deal to you to do this article. Maybe they had a good reason for forgetting, and it is quite possible that they may remember this time. Let us hope so. Perhaps after the dressing-down you gave them they will be more inclined to remember.

I know how you feel about your old courthouse in Albion, and I do hope that you can start a counter movement to save it. Progress so often gives me a pain in the neck!

We are going to Columbia to meet the sound truck of the United Artists next Tuesday. I am really very glad to have them record my stuff, for it is nice to think that when I am in the other world I can still speak to my friends.

I have been getting along very well with my writing.

With all kind thoughts and the best wishes for you, your friend

John G. Neihardt